Kingdom Chapter 584 Spoilers, Expectation, Release Date

This chapter shows Ousen plan could be failing. He moved forward because he thinks the right wing will push the left and start piercing Riboku center army. Then the chapter straight up says Ouhon has been defeated. Which means Shin on his own can’t handle three seasoned generals let alone defeat them and start pincering Zhao’s center. In fact, the opposite is happening. After Ouhon falls one general can launch an attack on Ousen army while two hold Shin at bay, which would give the initiative to Riboku to start a full on frontal attack. I wonder how this battle is going to unfold in Kingdom Chapter 584.

Let us break down and speculate the events of Kingdom chapter 584. But prior to that, here is a sign for you. The post forward carries spoilers so continue at your own will. Follow to our Twitter & Facebook for latest Kingdom updates. Enjoy!


Kingdom Chapter 584 Spoilers, Summary

Kingdom Chapter 584
Hi Shin Unit

I have a feeling Ouhon is going to get jumped by most major enemy leaders similar to how Akou was, I would think even Ouhon can predict that would happen too… considering Zhao knows he is Ousen’s son but not aware about their relationship. Killing Ouhon not only blow the right wing but the Supreme Commander himself. I believe he will be defeated as Hara has never gone against his narrator. At the same time, I think Ouhon will be able to do something of note before he is defeated, like create an opening or something. Shin has noticed that something is wrong so if all generals are focused on Ouhon he may be able to move to help and that will be revealed in Kingdom Chapter 584.

Kingdom raw 584
Ouhon’s Defeat

Similar to Ousen’s strategy of killing Garyuu on day nine instead of Gakuei’s as Garyuu is considered to be the brain of the unit. Riboku and Garyuu may have considered Ouhon to be the brain of Qin’s right thus trying to eliminate him. Ousen might have predicted all this and just expected Shin and his unit to push through Zhao’s line so that Qin’s right and center can pincer Zhao’s center and give them a devastating blow in a short time!!


Can’t wait for Kingdom Chapter 584. I wonder how this battle is going to unfold. It seems like Ousen really has confidence in the Hi Shin Unit, this makes me wonder how crazy the battle on their side will get.

Kingdom Chapter 584 Release Date

The next chapter of Kingdom manga will be released on 18th December 2018 on its official timing.

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