Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 294 Delayed, Official Release Date

If you’re waiting for Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 294, it’s sad to tell that this chapter is not getting this week. As stated in Chapter 293, Author is taking a one week break, which indicates we will be getting Chapter 294 next week. Follow to our Twitter & Facebook for newest Seven Deadly Sins updates.

Seven Deadly Sins chapter 294
 is titled“Hope, Discord, and Despair” as the title hints we will be seeing the Original Demon in action. But we’re not getting it next week sadly since it’s on a break.

Seven Deadly Sins 294
Chandler & Cusack

In the previous chapter, Ban just kind of stepped in there and killed all the demons with a swing of his arm. And I’m glad that he had to use up his immortality to protect Elaine. Now, I query how losing his immortality will improve his fighting style and whether he still has a ton of strength and regeneration. I honestly thought that his immortality would perform an important role in a battle against the Sinner, but I suspect the author has other ideas in mind… I really wanted to see how they going to defeat the Original Demon and Zeldoris.

Nanatsu no taizai chapter 294
The Sinner

Most of the fans are thrilled to see what’s going to occur in Chapter 294. Most of them are querying if they are going to see Original Demon in action in this chapter. However, with the delayed release of this Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 294, We will have to remain for one more week to learn what is going to happen.

Do you guys think Ban will eventually recover his Sacred Treasure in the following few chapters? I don’t think it’s too far-fetched that Ban memorized where his treasure might be, and we have discussed Ban taking his weapon Jedi style before during his battle with Galand. Perhaps his Snatch’s range extended with his power level? I just crave to see all the Sins with their own weapons during the ultimate fight at the very least.

The Seven Deadly Sins chapter 294 is going to officially release on 25th December 2018. Let’s see how things unfold in Chapter 294 next week.

Seven Deadly Sins 294 Release Date
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