Kingdom Chapter 586 Spoilers, Summary, Release Date

Kingdom Chapter 585 is finally out and man this chapter was both awesome and painful to read. Hara has a lot of options now, I wonder whether he straight up axes Kanjou or if it’s just baiting and Shin comes for the rescue. Now, Let us break down and speculate the events of Kingdom chapter 586. But prior to that, here is a sign for you. The post forward carries spoilers so continue at your own will. Follow to our Twitter & Facebook for latest Kingdom updates. Enjoy!

Kingdom chapter 586 Spoilers, Summary


Kingdom 586

Shin can’t catch up and has an army between him and the other side. Bananji let Gyou’un pass, he won’t lest Shin do the same. Also, Shin is in 2 battlefields away. He’s busy winning his fight. I think he’s gonna lead his army to a decisive victory on his side of the battlefield. Ou Hon’s army is supposed to lose here, but that doesn’t mean OuHon will die. The battle may end with Gyoku Hou’s momentum stifled, or worse case routing. I think Ouhon is going to lose somehow, at least he will survive but the blow to his unit will be large just as the author narrated.

Ousen told them specifically that he wouldn’t send any more reinforcement. He also couldn’t predict this death trap, and if he wanted to do so, he would have sent them during the night after their awakening. Instead, he moved his troops down the centre for the confrontation against Riboku. That’s an opponent that will take everything he’s got, so he saved his troops for a reason.


Kingdom raw 586
Ouhon’s Defeat


I honestly would appreciate it more if Hara was gonna kill someone, they’d do it on the last panel. Instead of ending on a cliffhanger. I’m very curious to see what will happen next, will he manage to break out of this, Is he gonna sacrifice himself to save Ouhon.


Most of the fans are thrilled to see what’s going to occur in Kingdom Chapter 586. However, with the delayed release of this Kingdom manga 586, We will have to remain for one more week to learn what is going to happen.

Kingdom chapter 586 Release date

Kingdom manga is going for a break next week. The next chapter of Kingdom manga will be released on 8th January 2019 on its official timing. Let’s see how things unfold in Chapter 586.

Kingdom Chapter 586

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