Kingdom Chapter 628: The Strength Behind HSU, Release Date

This chapter was amazing, after all that build-up back in Bayou throughout the series up until this arc, it finally happened. Hou Ken’s glaive shattering like against Ouki is a nice touch, Hou Ken not being able to stand up to Shin’s weight, just like against Ouki and Duke Hyou, was a great parallel. Zhao soldiers couldn’t understand the strength behind the HSU and we saw it clearly in this chapter. Subscribe to our Reddit for more Kingdom Chapter 628 updates.

They spent the last few chapters talking about a conflict of ideals something, an answer, that has been missing from both sides and how each of them put their faith and ideals behind the arms of one man. Just as Hou Ken was meant to represent the answer of Ri Boku’s ideals, so has Shin been the force behind Ei Sei’s. Chapter 628 might show Hou Ken’s final words.


Kingdom Chapter 628: The Strength Behind HSU

Hou Ken and Shin fought 3 times, first-time Hou Ken managed to hit Shin in the chest with that spin move, second time Shin dodged but didn’t have enough strength to finish him on the counter-attack, and the third time he dodged and managed to cleave through.

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What ultimately killed Houken is that for the first time he doubted his own goals and his own mission. He questioned everything that he had fought for and that doubt shattered him, both figuratively and in practice, as first, it destroyed his power and then it broke his resolve. The impending roar that is about to shake the battlefield will stop everyone from Zhao in their tracks including Ri Boku who will realize his borrowed time is up as well.

Shin is likely a long way past his limit and it will be tremendously hard to save him. Perhaps he will lose consciousness in Kingdom Chapter 628 and Ten would call for a tactical retreat that would allow Ri Boku to flee. It’s kind of plausible considering Kyou Kai and Shin are out of commission for at least this day.


Realistically, what play does Riboku have left now? His biggest defense just got sliced in half, his pincer attack on Ou Sen failed miserably, the remainder of the right-wing army is just about to crash down upon him. He should be retreating anytime now.

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