Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 307: Epilogue 1


Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 307– The Demon King’s spirit/possession was taken down, but he’s could still be alive. He presumably got weakened because of the failure but maybe that makes him be able to leave the Purgatory. It doesn’t seem over just yet, even with that title of Seven Deadly Sins chapter 307.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 307 prediction, spoilers

Chapter 307 is called “Epilogue 1” so maybe that suggests will have more than one epilogue. Hopefully, Nakaba can at least tie up loose ends in some way.

Moreover, Supreme Deity is still missing from the manga, The only solution I can think of is that it was truly SD that was in the Horn of Cernunnos that Meliodas destroyed. She did speak about how she couldn’t “resume their conflict from 3000 years ago” and that she “no longer had a physical body”. So perhaps Meliodas destroyed the Supreme Deity when he burned the horn & she died when her vessel was destroyed. though at this point, I don’t anticipate any of that because Nakaba clearly quit caring about this manga.

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Ban and Demon King Power Level Comparison
How strong is Mael with Sunshine? Stronger than Meliodas?

You know that the Demon King Meliodas stated he cannot last long in the world because of his power. The Demon King is gone, however, there is a new Demon King, it’s Meliodas. As you can observe his power and transformation seems like his body possessed transformation of Demon King. Ban wasn’t speaking about anything because he recognizes that Meliodas is the Demon King and he made the demons to retreat.

The primary thing probably will occur in Chapter 307, how Meliodas spontaneously passed upon the ability to disperse their curses while in Purgatory for no reason. I wish they touch on whether Zeldris is yet alive or not. Also, Some fans over Reddit speculated the strange absence of Hawk in this chapter following he was uneasy about why he didn’t go with the rest of the Sins into Meliodas’s mind. That whole situation with Hawk was so strange yet treated like nothing. We might be able to observe what is going on with Hawk in the next chapter.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 307 is not the final chapter. No official announcement has been given by the magazine on the specific date.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 307 release date

Chapter 307 of Seven Deadly Sins is going to release on 8th April 2019, However, The official release for the next chapter will be taken following the 2-3 days of scan release.

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