How strong is Mael with Sunshine? Stronger than Meliodas?

Mael is one of the 4 Archangels of the Goddess Clan. During the Holy-War 3,000 years ago, Gowther altered Mael & everyone else’s memories, providing the Archangel a new name as a part of the Ten Commandments and the 2nd son of the Demon King, following the title of Estarossa.

How powerful is mael
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In chapter 275, we’ve found Estarossa is truly the mightiest Archangel named Mael. He was the former user of Sunshine. He is so compelling that following the Meliodas’ betrayal of the Demon Clan, to obstinate the balance of power, Gowther was forced to change him into Estarossa in order to shift the power balance of the war in support of the Demon Clan, making the Goddess Clan complete the Coffin of Eternal Darkness. 


After the Archangel associated with the Seven Deadly Sins in recent chapters, Escanor gives his Grace back to him. After re-obtaining his grace ‘Sunshine’, his power appears to be even prominent than when he had the Commandments, as he simply dispels the Original Demon’s spell of Darkness & overwhelms his attacks after he had raised his power with Crisis, which had earlier overwhelmed his older brother Ludociel’s full power.

How strong is Mael with Sunshine? Is he stronger than Meliodas?

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 298
Seven Deadly Sins

At one point, He faced Bellion(the leader of the Six Knights of Black) when he attacked a Sky Temple and revealed his far superior power by effortlessly nearly burning him to death until Meliodas intervened. The result of their encounter it is unknown. His Power Level was previously recognized as the strongest Archangel & someone who is not to be interfered with. 

Since Mael the”Angel of Death” was sent to the Demons as Meliodas’ replacement, we believe that he was nearly as strong or even stronger than Meliodas. Mael, the Archangel was the mightiest Archangel and his power was seen and confirmed by Ludociel, his elder brother. While in a human vessel, Ludociel’s power levels are recorded to be 201,000. And we know Mael is the strongest Archangel so reasonably his power level should be more than 250,000. The truth is that the Archangel would win in a straight up fight though that said Meliodas would never have any intention to fight the Archangel near his peak.




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