Ban and Demon King Power Level Comparison

Ban has always been exceptional, able to fight the Commandments even when Meliodas and the others were stronger but were defeated by Galand. This is due to his unique abilities. I believe Ban’s power level is around 200k, but his newfound abilities are incredibly overpowered and particularly effective against the Demon King, especially Inversion.

Ban post-Purgatory is incredibly strong, though not quite as powerful as the Demon King. He was the only one able to damage the Demon King, as neither King nor Mael could do so. His body is able to resist to the worst conditions and his speed now is top tier, like I said weeks ago the reason why Nakaba took off his immortality before this fight is that Ban would have been too overpowered if he had his Immortality.


Ban and Demon King Power Level Comparison- Nanatsu no Taizai

I know power scaling in this manga is not that great, but I still want to speculate and predict the power level of Ban and Demon King.

Demon King Power Level


Demon King Power Level
Credit: NarutoRenegado01 Deviantart

The Demon King’s power was distributed among the Ten Commandments, with half of his power bestowed upon them. From Estarossa’s power boost by acquiring the Commandment of Truth, which added about 35K to his power level, we can estimate the total. Multiplying that by 10 and then doubling it, the Demon King’s power level should be around 700K without any further enhancements.


Ban Power Level:

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Ban got a surprisingly huge boost, his physicals seem insane and I’m sure his limits with snatch have developed. I believe Ban’s current power level is around 200K without the snatch. When Ban was battling with Galand he could steal 7000-8000 from Galand and stated that is the max power level which he can steal. So he can absorb about 3 times his primary power. In other words, if he simply has right now 200k he can reasonably absorb at least +400k making his power level around 600k.

I believe that, in some way, the Demon King is not as powerful as he could be in different circumstances. His power level is so immense that he can’t remain in the human world for too long. If his goal is to roam the human realm, he can’t fully unleash his true power. Thus, his current power is likely the maximum it can be without causing significant harm to the world. Unless he doesn’t care about that and intends to stay in the human world while causing widespread destruction.