One Piece Manga Chapter 896 – Speculations

One Piece 895

Luffy’s battle against Katakuri was approaching its conclusion, and he unquestionably provided a great competition for Katakuri with his new Gear form. To sum up Snakeman, it is the faster variant of Boundman. The difference is that it doesn’t apply as much Haki as Gear 4th Boundman, and it is a lot faster, which indicates that even though the strikes lack the strength, the momentum will still be large. The Gear 4th Snakeman form’s biggest benefit is its unpredictability.


It is very hard to predict Snakeman’s movements, as seen by Katakuri, and this is why I think it is better than Boundman. We don’t get to see Snakeman in its full power because the fight is pretty much over now. Yet we don’t know who the winner is. One Piece Chapter 896 will show us who won the big clash between Luffy and Katakuri.

We recently learned that, in views to Observation Haki, Luffy is more expert in sensing peoples emotions or intention than predicting movement itself.


According to this, I was wondering how it would work its way into the story and I think it did in chapter 895.

There wasn’t much dialogue in the chapter but one moment that stood out to me was when Luffy told,”This sucks I’m so hungry!!” It just seemed out of place in the pacing of the chapter, but I guess this makes reason, Luffy isn’t hungry, Katakuri is!

Luffy is using his observation so intensely, he spoke aloud the thoughts or feelings of hunger that Katakuri is having. Katakuri is also visibly bothered when Luffy stated it too.


We know Luffy is specifically trying to expand on his Observation right now and we know Luffy will also just say whatever is on his mind. This would have it make a lot of sense and be a cool glimpse into how Luffy’s Observation will develop.

Luffy acknowledging that Katakuri is desperately hungry will play a major role in Katakuri weakening and Luffy eventually winning the fight because of his newfound Observation Haki!