Xbox One S All-Digital console details, release date leaked

The Xbox One S All-Digital Edition release date has reportedly been seen in leaked reports. The collected reports state the possible release date of the console along with leaked box art of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

Windows Central shows that the picture below has been recreated in Photoshop to preserve its source, though all of the essential details are yet there. Clearly, the All-Digital model will seem almost precisely the same as a regular Xbox One S, just without the disc drive. Xbox Game Pass will be an important feature for the All-digital edition thinking it gives 200+ games for one month free.

Xbox One S All-Digital
Xbox One S All-Digital

Xbox One S All-Digital console release date

According to Windows Central, the reports it has received unveil the release date as May 7. The pictures reveal design and box similar to Xbox One S highlighting a disc drive. The leaked art highlights the information “disc-free gaming” and promotes Minecraft, Forza Horizon 3, and Sea of Thieves at the base.

Unfortunately, this report doesn’t provide us any insight into the price of Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, though $199 does appear to be the winning place when you think that the Xbox One S is usually priced at $299. Though it couldn’t provide us any details on pricing, Windows Central did give us a mock-up of what its box could seem like, which you can see in the picture above. Microsoft has not yet properly established the existence of the brand-new device nor has it expressed about its features.

The digital-only console appears to fall in line with industry leaning towards gaming without real media. Microsoft is currently operating on its own streaming mode named Project xCloud. The beta of Project xCloud is projected for following in 2019.

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