Boruto Chapter 41: Mitsuki’s Sage Mode, Release Date, Predictions

Boruto Chapter 40 was really an enjoyable chapter. It mostly dealt with the Boruto and co’s reactions to learning about Naruto and introducing Boro, but it packed in a good amount of emotion and action. Boro’s abilities are interesting and his regeneration is also insane. This fight is looking promising, fans are wondering whether both Boruto and Kawaki will be taken back, or if Sasuke will get there in time, probably at the end of Boruto Chapter 41 to avoid this inevitable future.

Boruto Chapter 41 predictions

Boruto Chapter 40 sets up a lot to come in next month’s edition. It seems Sarada is going to lead Team 7 and Kawaki in Boruto Chapter 41. Sarada taking over the leadership role is a great development because Boruto and Kawaki are going to get themselves captured if they don’t start using their heads. Boruto and Kawaki aren’t approaching the fight rationally while Sarada and Mitsuki were using their heads. It will be interesting to see how Kawaki collaborates with Team 7 in Chapter 41.

Boruto 41 manga
Boro Vs Kawaki

It’s also fascinating that Boro specifically points out that Kawaki that he never wags his tail at anyone no matter their power, is so attached to Naruto because it appears to reflect some of their beliefs. Kara seems to put a lot of emphasis on power and that seems to be why Boro only references that power, but Kawaki doesn’t care about any of that. It’s Naruto’s kindness and compassion that made a difference to Kawaki, not his power.

Mitsuki Sage Mode in Boruto manga 41

Sarada seems to be a solid tactician, and she has a 3 tomoe Sharingan. Mitsuki is essentially Orochimaru’s genetic engineering project, and his full capabilities remain somewhat of a mystery. So, In Boruto Chapter 41, we will see how Sarada will use her three tomoe Sharingan. Some fans over Reddit believes that Mitsuki will go Sage mode against Boro in the next chapter. 

Boruto Chapter 41 release date

Chapter 41 of Boruto manga will release on 20th December.


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