Discover 25 Incredible Pieces Of Origami

Classic, creative, and elegant. I thought origami was as easy as just playing around with paper. It turns out it is a beautiful form of art that goes far beyond your first impression. 

Like every other art form, it connects with the artist and displays intent, passion, and drive. Just how beautiful and creative can origami get? Let us look at the top 25 incredible origami art there is.

Image Source: Yankodesign

Origami As An Art Form

When did origami start? There’s no right answer. But according to a 1680 poem, the first origami was created in Japan.

Image Source: Origami

Recently, November 11 has been celebrated as Origami Day in Japan. The rest of the world is not slow to follow, and we will soon all celebrate World Origami day. The Japanese form of origami differs from modern-day origami; its style and designs are unique and creative.

Origami aims to celebrate peace by folding a crane or getting extremely creative by bringing an object or piece to life. Let’s look at some of our favorite origami’s.


King Cobra

All hail the King Cobra; this piece shows a cobra just before launching an attack. This King Cobra origami depicts why the cobra is so noteworthy and feared at the same time.

Image Source: Thisiscolossal

The stripes on the body and the scales, the intricacies in the body design are top-notch, and the posture was carefully thought of.

Optimus Prime

Optimus Prime to the rescue! If you love Optimus Prime, you would agree with me that this artist did justice to our favorite character. Even included is that dead-eye hero look that he gives just before he about to attack enemies.

Image Source: Flickr

As Optimus is a robot, you would expect this piece to take a lot of time to complete, and you are not wrong. Three major colors of paper were used, although you will see a total of five colors. The dimensional figure is robust and realistic.

Hunting Eagle

The Golden Eagle, quite literally. Everything about this piece screams o-r-i-g-a-m-i.

Image Source: Emily Curry / Pinterest

The wing detail, the middle folding, and the alignment are all perfect. It looks like this eagle successfully caught its lunch. You can turn this piece around and look at the perfected back wingspan. 

Hippocampus-Romam Diaz

A flying seahorse? You might wonder what was going through this artist’s mind; he sure found his way to express himself. If I didn’t like unicorns so much, then this would definitely be my new favorite animal. 

Image Source: Passion-origami

Combining the dignified horses’ stance with paddles for swimming as legs and short wings for flying all provide a unique twist for this piece of art. 


If the peacock weren’t already a beautiful bird, I’d say that this is the most beautiful piece I have seen. Not trying to cloud your judgment here, but aside from the colors used, this seemingly woven origami is as close to perfection as it can be.

Image Source: Deviantart

It shows the glorious form of the peacock. The beautiful feathers are layered with aligned spots, and the patterns are flawless. 

Orilanders In The Garden Of Residential Area

I like this piece because of the different forms used. Although some “un-origami” objects were added, origami was the highlight of the piece.

Image Source: Flickrriver

The artist was able to craft two kids with their shoes, standing in front of a bright flower – all made from paper. Whatever animal they were staring towards isn’t clear, but the style of origami used was impressive.

Origami Peacock

I think three different styles of folding were used here. The first style can be seen at the neck region, the second at the bust region, and the third at the feathers. 

Image Source: Deviantart

Origami has gone beyond just mere simplicity. Almost everything can be expressed by using origami. For instance, this is unique, and the angle the image is taken at shows all the detail and complexity of this design. 

Water Buffalo

A wild beast has never been this adorable. It looks like a story was written all over the face of the buffalo, and we should all gather around to hear what it has to say. 

Image Source: Snkhan

Look at the intricate folding, especially at the inner part of the fore and hind leg, the horns, and the middle segment of the body. All of the components work together to form a truly magnificent piece of art.

Origami Roses

Express your love by giving roses, they say. Now you can express your feelings with thoughtful arty roses. Be sure to remind your loved one not to put these flowers in the water! 

Image Source: Speckyboy

Every piece of the rose was made from paper through careful folding, crafting, and design. The time it took to create each rose may not be equivalent to how long roses would take to grow, but the intent remains the same.

Windows Display For La Rinascente (Palermo) 

In this piece, two forms of elegance are displayed. First is the swan, and the other is the gorgeous female on top of the swan. 

Image Source: Speckyboy

From the beak of the swan to the bottom end, different colors in different folding styles were adopted to give a natural feel with a touch of class and style. It is remarkable because the artist was able to bring these ideas together without creating chaos. 

Diamond Patterned Swan

This looks like the perfect little gift for your loved one. You can even get creative like the artist and attach a gift inside the pouch reserved for surprises. 

Image Source: Origamimaniacs

If you asked me what I liked the most about the piece, then I will give the following answer. I loved the colors used, the folding style, and how great the overall piece turned out to be perfectly in sync.

Suncity Castle

This is taking Origami to a whole new level. I mean an entire castle! How creative can people get!

Image Source: Speckyboy

Did I say a whole castle? I meant an entire kingdom, rather, as this artist included trees, people, buildings, as well as the gigantic castle. I thought Origami was limited to animals or singular objects before I saw this. 

Origami Vase

How lovely is this? This could be used as a vase and placed in a home for its ornamental value.

Image Source: Angles Bookshop / Facebook

I see the style, the wonderful pattern, beauty, and craft—a true talent in the form of Origami.

Origami Dolphin

Dolphins are wonderful creatures, and this piece of art signifies that. These easy-going geniuses are calm, adorable, and mean good. 

Image Source: Noupe

The styling used in folding this piece is professional but is stills show an overall simplistic design. The little flower additions added a cool touch to it as well.

Koi Fish

By making use of a US dollar, Won Park took this simplistic Koi Fish and turned it into art. The Koi fish might be one of his most incredible origami produced.

Image Source: Payszpz

He found a way to demonstrate the scales of the fish in the art. The fins were also added to the art and the protruded mouth. To add, he somehow managed to give the fish eyes, which is truly remarkable.

Cristian And The Cranes

Even though origami has gone beyond swans and cranes, artists still find a way to display these animals in their true form. I mean, look at how the majestic beast shows her pride by opening her dark wings in the air.

Image Source: Thisiscolossal

Each layer of the wings was carefully crafted with different shapes and angles to give an overall expression of the crane. This has gone beyond just culture and has become a true form of art.

Premonition Crane

Take another look at the crane’s beauty. When I first looked at this crane, the only word that popped into my mind was elegance!

Image Source: Boredpanda

From the carefully created feet all the way to the beak, you can see the detail. Each feather looks as if it is open. This white crane is a true declaration of peace.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight returns, or should I say, the Harbinger of Death. Who would have thought death could look so beautiful? I guess that’s the power of origami.

Image Source: Jasonku

The clothing on both the ghost and the horse, the layering, the composure, among other details, are what make this piece great. All details fit together as though the figure could be brought back to life.


Looking at this more, I see similarities with one of Daenerys’ dragons. It looks kind of like Viserion.  

Image Source: YouTube/ MarianoZavalaOrigami

All parts of the dragon stand out. The addition of the silver lining was an excellent choice to bring out a sense of realistic feel to the art. The folds of the wings, legs, tail, and head all showcase fantastic details. 


Magnifi-rex! I think what makes an origami marvelous is how much time the artist puts in every single detail. Whatever the name is, this dinosaur was assembled in its fossil form with its complete set of bones, layers, and, don’t forget, the teeth.

Image Source: Demilked

The mouth is the highlight, and we are made to see the inside parts too. The folding of the paper is visible but carefully done.

Ancient Warrior

This origami reminds me of the warriors of Themyscira, but with wings. The image brings boldness, strength, and valor into life. 

Image Source: Demilked

You have to admit that this Vietnamese chemistry teacher is one creative lad. How he was able to manipulate paper and turn it into this is truly amazing. Just look at the layers upon layers of detailed work.


Want to show off your works? This artist captured an abstract feel of an exhibition in the form of origami.

Image Source: Flickr

The highlight among all other exhibits is the maid in her dress looking down on other animal figures. 

Compound Of Figures

The idealistic form of art is remarkable as it combines different elements. 

Image Source: Flickr

From the bottom is an octahedron that has layers of folding. And to finish up is the peacock on the top signifying elegance.

Air Plane

How do people even do these things? This inventor took us back to the invention of the airplane.

Image Source: Sakuraorgami

Included are some abstract feel to the art, like a clock at the front and other subtle elements—a true art piece.


To finish the list is a form of art that signifies the ocean breeze. Or maybe a seashell. Who knows what the artist thought when he created this magnificent piece.

Image Source: Giladorigami / Pinterest

The fact remains that the piece is incredible, different, and beautiful.


Creativity at its peak. Would you have considered the 25 selected Origami art among your top selections?