31 Embarrassing Moments on TV

Sometimes, life throws a huge wrench in our plans, and things don’t go as planned. Most of the time, we tend to embarrass ourselves right in front of everyone, but it’s captured on TV for some unlucky ones.

Here are the most embarrassing moments on TV.

31 Embarrassing Moments on TV
Image Source: Daily Mail

31. Nancy Grace Revelation

What started as an investigative report regarding a missing child soon became instant TV gold when news reporter Nancy Grace revealed that the missing child was found within the basement of their own home.

The father tried to act surprised, but Nancy Grace kept pressuring him, knowing more about what he is telling the audience.

30. Andy Shaw’s Search For A Microphone

Andy Shaw has always been one of the more traditional news reporters with a microphone in his hand while delivering the news.


In this instance, Shaw was seen holding a piece of paper while covering the local news when he began asking for a microphone to start even when he had a headset with a microphone on.

29. Elon Musk Truck Fail

Elon Musk is well-known for breaking barriers in the field of science and technology.

However, during the unveiling of his new Tesla Cybertruck, the business tycoon soon discovered that he should have invested more in quality control first before revealing his project to the world.


28. Jennifer Garner vs. Conan

In an episode from the talk show Late Night with Conan O’Brien, guest Jennifer Garner had a bit of an awkward situation when she corrected Conan with his grammar.

A few moments later, Conan pulled out a dictionary and corrected Garner in front of a live audience and even decided to rub it in her face with a horrendous comical laugh.

27. The Toiler Paper On Trump’s Shoe

The Trump administration had its ups and downs in the last couple of years, but none could have prevented one of the president’s most embarrassing videos to date.

He was captured having toilet paper stuck to his shoe as he boarded a plane.

26. Kesha’s Fail Hug

Certainly, many Hollywood stars would have known Kesha already, but in this instance, famous comedian Jerry Seinfeld was not keen on hugging her. Kesha approached Seinfeld to introduce herself and wanted a hug; however, the comedian refused to say he didn’t know her.

Kesha attempted one more time but was met with another rejection from her idol.

25. Miss Universe Mix Up

The live television broadcast of the year Miss Universe pageant was down to its last two contestants – Miss Philippines and Miss Colombia.

You could look at the horror on Miss Colombia’s face as it dawned on her that the crown would be taken away from her when the host announced that it was instead Miss Philippines who won the crown.

24. Kelly Osbourne’s Tirade On The View

During a discussion about Trump’s offensive remarks against Latino, Osbourne took on another direction with her saying that without the Latinos, there would be no one to clean the toilet.

This remark caught everyone on the panel by surprise so much that it sparked a whole new debate about the topic.

23. Brooks Koepka’s Girlfriend Just Wants A Kiss

Brooks Koepka, one of the legendary golf athletes of the decade, is also one that does not seem to be made for public display of affection.

During TV coverage of him and his girlfriend, you can see that she wanted to kiss him as they were walking; however, Koepka refused to give her the affection she yearned for not once but twice.

22. Kanye vs. Taylor Swift

2009 became a solid year for blossoming pop-country songstress Taylor Swift. She was awarded the MTV Video of the Year award for the first time that year but little did she know, a storm was brewing on the horizon.

Kanye West went up on stage while Swift was still delivering her speech when he took her microphone and announced that Beyonce’s video was more deserving of the award.

21. Al Capone’s Hidden Secret

Host Geraldo Rivera was hyped about finally finding the hidden Al Capone treasures tucked secretly under a pile of rubble.

Things were bound to take a surprising turn once the camera rolled with all that hype surrounding the program and the most excited about the revelation.

20. Christmas Artichoke Dip

Global News Calgary anchors always had a Christmas tradition where they share food for the festivities.

Everything was well and dandy until traffic reporter Leslie Horton pulled up her take on an artichoke dip and forced her co-anchors to try it out live on TV.

19. Grape Nuts

It all started with weatherman Scot Haney spotted a few Grape Nuts on the floor and decided to eat them during a live broadcast.

Things begin to descend into a level of weirdness when the team got back after a break, and Haney revealed still on live television that he just ate cat vomit that was stuck in his shoe.

18. Ashlee Simpson’s Failed Lip Sync

After guest host Jude Law introduced her for the performance, the tracking glitched out and suddenly played the first verse of the song, revealing that the performance was about to be a lipsync.

After this moment, Ashlee Simpson’s name became synonymous with lip sync fail, and she was never heard of after that debacle.

17. La La Land vs. Moonlight

One would truly expect that the night would come without any hitches, but when the time came to announce the Best Picture – everything went unexpected.

Presenters Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty mistakenly awarded the Best Picture to La La Land when it was supposed to be Moonlight. The La La Land crew were already on stage and were halfway with their speech when the production team stepped in and began snatching the statues from the crew.

16. Jennifer Lawrence Tripping

Jennifer Lawrence is known to poke fun of herself, but she was about to be the center of attention once more during the 2013 Oscar Awards when she tripped down a flight of stairs before receiving her Best Actress award that night.

It would probably go down in Hollywood history as one of the most embarrassing yet adorable things to happen for a Best Actress awardee.

15. The Wrong Clip

Veteran reporter Pat Murphy was supposed to be delivering the news regarding an athlete recovering from a serious injury. But what he did not anticipate was the clip that was shown following the details of the report.

The news reporter had to apologize for the blooper, but much to his dismay, the blunder has already been shown.

14. Children Interrupting Interview

Professor Robert Kelly explained South Korea’s politics when his eldest child came prancing happily in the background, and her sibling rolled in with the walker. At first, Kelly did not realize what happened, but when the children started making a raucous, it was apparent that the professor was about to be placed in the most embarrassing position ever.

The professor apologized for the mishap, and while it was embarrassing for the humble professor, everyone else was surprisingly having a good laugh at the entire situation.

13. Wendy Williams Passing Out

Wendy Williams is known for her talk show and unapologetic characteristics. However, Wendy became the center of attention on a Halloween episode when she fainted live on air.

The audience was aghast at how it all happened, but the internet had other ideas, and Wendy Williams fainting live on air became a meme-worthy experience.

12. Grey’s Anatomy Musical

Sure, the TV show has had a few bumps in the road when it comes to writing, but none was ever the same when the series felt it needed to change things up by introducing a musical episode. The episode entitled Song Beneath the Song was touted as the musical event of the year for the series and featured Callie and Arizona bursting into songs after getting involved in an accident.

What truly made the episode cringeworthy and embarrassing was that most of the featured actors in this episode were not actual singers.

11. Good Day New York Debacle

What was supposed to be a live interview between a landlord and his tenant became one of the most interesting things to happen early in the morning when Jim Ryan became upset with how Dick Oliver was interviewing both the landlord and the tenant.

Soon, all hell broke loose when Dick claimed that he was his boss but was demoted; however, Jim had the last laugh with a very quick quip, “Yeah, you were, and are no longer. How did that happen?”

10. ABC Reporter Gets The Ride Of His Life

What was supposed to be a very calm and collected reporter who was tasked to deliver a trendy new ride on Disneyland soon became the talk of the town.

ABC Reporter Cory James sat down expecting it to be an easy ride but little did he know, the ride had already started, and in a matter of seconds, he was screaming for his life.

9. Jennifer Lawrence Accidentally Kisses Natalie Dormer

Jennifer Lawrence once again gets herself in an awkwardly embarrassing situation when she finds herself sneaking up on Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer during her interview.

Lawrence snuck up on Dormer for a quick and friendly kiss on the cheek, but when Dormer turned around, it became pretty awkward as the two locked lips in front of everyone.

8. Dan Marino’s Freak Out

Stress can sometimes be an ultimate bummer, but sports commentator Dan Marino took it to another level when he was having difficulty pronouncing the words.

Soon, he took out all of his frustrations on the table to the surprise of the rest of the crew.

7. Fox News Reporter Faceplants On Ice

It was a chilly, windy early morning for a certain Fox News reporter to be out in the open with her ice skates on. Soon, she began to feel the strong breeze that slid her back but continued the report.

Later on, things didn’t go as expected when she faceplants on the ice below her.

6. Weatherman Rants On Broadcast

A weatherman was seen ranting off while providing updates on an incoming tornado at a local news outlet, all because people were mad that the program they were watching kept on getting interrupted with the tornado updates.

Soon after, the weather newscaster had to let it all out and began ranting for a full minute.

5. Hecklers At Bill Maher’s Show

Bill Maher’s show has always been very controversial. This time, things were agitated when someone from the audience began shouting conspiracy theories while in the middle of the broadcast.

You could see Maher getting agitated with the constant interruptions. This led to a lot of back and forth between Maher and the audience, which ultimately led to Maher standing up and demanding the people shouting to be removed from the audience.

4. R. Kelly Interview

During an interview with Gayle King, Kelly was seen crying and begging in front of the camera. However, no one bought his drama that even King herself remained on her seat with not much of a reaction from what she has just seen.

Gayle King soon revealed that she was never fazed by the aggressive behavior that Kelly was showing. She also revealed that he knew he was going to jail and felt like it was a last-ditch effort to save himself and his image to the public.

3. Jetpack Fail

A man in San Diego was supposed to introduce the power of jetpacks to the world. However, it wasn’t all meant to be when Fox News reporter Rupert Murdoch was set to start the morning show together with the man in the jetpack named John.

John was supposed to fly off with his jetpack but came tumbling down into the water a few moments after his spiel.

2. Reporter Blacks Out Inside A Stunt Plane

A weatherman is about to get into the flight of his life when he decides to board a stunt plane in Australia to cover the news.

However, as soon as the plane began swirling around and doing stunts, the reporter began feeling dizzy, and everything was captured on the broadcast.

1. Australia’s Next Top Model Mix-up

One of Australia’s most awkward and embarrassing TV moments came at Australia’s Next Top Model’s finale.

The popular TV program was set to announce the season’s winner when the host of the show mixed up the names and announced the wrong winner. Soon after, the host owned up to the mistake and announced the real winner.


Sometimes you have to be a good sport and accept that there will always be embarrassing moments in our lives. It’s always fun to enjoy the moment and laugh at some of the blunders in life.