Why Epic Games disabled replays in Fortnite?

Epic Games has now disabled replays in Fortnite. The newest bug found has to do something with the Replay feature & because of that, They are disabling the capability to view past Replays until the next report.

Why Epic Games disabled replays in Fortnite?

Epic Games Disabled Replays in Fortnite


Epic Games has clarified via Twitter that the developer has disabled Replays in Fortnite to examine a problem. However, If you do succeed to have a good game you desire to view back later, Epic has validated that any matches played throughout the downtime will be preserved and watchable once everything is normal and working. 

Furthermore, players have been telling being able to catch Marshmello’s music in the Replay Mode, which is part of an event that has not announced yet. 

In a tweet, the developer reveals that, in order to solve the problem, Game replays have had to be disabled. Precise information about what the problem hasn’t been revealed. However, with the modifications made in the Fortnite 7.30 update, it’s surely possible that a new feature has affected the Replays function.

Some players mentioned that Marshmello’s music (Festivus event on February 2) was audible in replay mode, so this could be why Epic Games is remaining tight-lipped about the problem.

Epic Games hasn’t given an expected time for when the Fortnite Replays mode will be back online.

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