Full Power Of Gloxinia The Repose Revealed

In Seven Deadly Sins, power levels are described as a complete number, the whole being blended into 3 categories: magic, spirit, and strength. The total power level is not a criterion of who clearly wins a fight, it’s simply a lead to who’s major expected to win. For instance, someone with a comparatively low power level yet super magic can strike down someone with a great power level if they don’t have a great plan to combat. The spirit level is a type of control in battle, willpower, etc. Magic & strength are self-illustrative.

Full Power Of Gloxinia The Repose


Power Of Gloxinia

  • Age: ~1400
  • Weight: 117 lbs
  • Height: 5’4″

The 1st King & dear mate of Meliodas who finished up recording the different team after being deceived by those he thought most & having something he thought more valuable than his personal life taken.  He loathes humans & dreams of humanity’s extinction.

Power Level: 50000

  • Magic – 47000
  • Spirit – 3000
  • Strength – 0

Commandment- Repose
Power Of Gloxinia



King has said that the quantity of power getting from him is astonishingly enormous.
Though bodily weaker than the other parts of the Ten Commandments due to his fairy species.


Gloxinia also has high flying speed due to possessing the biggest wings of fairies, noticed when he endured evading few of Meliodas’ strikes with his demon mark stimulated before being ultimately outpaced.


He was able to survive attacks transferred by Meliodas with his demon mark stimulated in the degree to recover himself and Drole.




A magic that uses control over life & death, aka constraining the fundamental state of affairs. Examples are given cover turning tiny cuts into looking wounds, mild poisons into deadly toxins, and regulating the extent of tumours.

Gloxinia Servant: Gloxinia builds a golem in the portrait of Gerheade out of nature.

Jumanju: Gloxinia orders a giant, a wooden monster from the ground.

Heart Reading: Similar all fairies, Gloxinia is capable of hearing the sound of the souls of others, being able to observe their thoughts.

Source: Nanatsu no Taizai Wiki

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