The True Origin And Power Of Founding Titan

The Attack on Titan is considered one of the best anime to watch people are just crazy about this show and today we are going to discuss the most asked questions by the fans of this super hit show. So, today we are going to talk about the true origin and power of Founding Titan.

By the way spoiler alert!. I advise you to look away if you just started watching this show and do not like the Spoilers.


Power of Founding Titan?


Power of Founding Titan

This Titan is the most powerful until now and it has the power to control and rule all the other titans. Just by screaming the thisTitan can activate its abilities and the best part is the inheritor of this particular titan did not have to do the transformation in order to use its powers or abilities. The screams do not have to be particularly loud as we have already seen Frieda Reiss use the memory alteration ability just by talking casually but we are still not certain about the range of the scream because when Frieda Riess did it, the titan was nearby.


Some other abilities are:-

  • This Founding titan can turn or transform Subjects of Ymir into Titans.
  • This Founding titan can also manipulate the memories ofSubject of Ymir and make them do anything the Titan wants.

Note:- Only families with royal blood can use the power of Founding Titan to its Fullest. Like the families Fritz and Riess. Anyone who inherits Founding Titan can use its power.

True Origin Of Founding Titan

founding titan powers

So we just read what this Founding Titan can do and now you might wonder how it Origins or who made these Titans so the answer is right below but again major spoiler alert!

Ymir Fritz is the true progenitor of the Titans and the abilities of the Founding Titan was named by the Eldia Restorationists.

founding titan mystery

The said Titan was created for the purpose of reading the minds and change the memories of the Subjects of Ymir who rule the world in the beginning and still has the power to do this again.

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