My Hero Academia Chapter 203 Spoilers, Release Date, Speculation

My Hero Academia Chapter 202 is out and I truly enjoyed the chapter overall and can’t wait for the actual battle itself since these last three fights will all feature the Big 3 of 1-A and the last fight being more and built up with whatever Deku might be able to do with One For All. So, Now progressing forward to My Hero Academia Chapter 203 spoilers and release date. Follow to our Twitter and Facebook for latest updates.

My Hero Academia Chapter 203 Spoilers


After BNHA chapter 202, I feel kind of convinced that Touya might truly be Dabi. I imply there’s no concrete proof, but there is a lot of connections and links.

My Hero Academia Chapter 203

I’m assuming is that at Kaibara probably has some kind of cyclone quirk. I could observe that having enough wind power to cause problems for Todoroki’s flames as we’ve witnessed from his fight with Inasa next to Gang Orca. I believe Juzo will cause difficulties for Iida and at some point will catch him in quicksand. However, I believe Todoroki and Iida will certainly be the last men standing for this match and I expect it ending with Todoroki taking down Tetsutetsu with a Prominence Burn, which we’ve never witnessed him use and the previous chapter appeared to tease him having trained for.


Iida being someone who can understand Todoroki also demonstrates that these two are pretty close. I can’t wait to see more cooperations between them in My Hero Academia Chapter 203.

BNHA Chapter 203

In BNHA chapter 203, Todoroki will try to use the move that Endeavor taught him as a teenager, but the failure of his fireside for so long will prevent it from being as strong or accurate as he wants it to be. I doubt the next fight in the upcoming chapter will take as long as the last one. Since Tetsutetsu expects to get things done quickly. I have a sense Team-B will get the short end of the staff this time.


MHA Chapter 203

There’s a break next week, So we will have to wait for a week for My Hero Academia Chapter 203 (Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 203).

My Hero Academia Chapter 203 Release Date

Boku no Hero Academia Chapter 203 is going to release on 26 October 2018. However, The scans for this chapter will arrive online 2-3 days prior to the official release date.