Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 279 Spoilers

In this post, I’ll be talking about Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 279 Spoilers. As you all know this article contains major spoilers, I’m suggesting you should leave this article before you get spoiled. If you don’t mind being spoiled you can continue on this article.

Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 279 Spoilers


Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 279

In the next chapter, we’ll be seeing what their secret Trinity Attack will be in the original place.

Personally, I think the 3 Sins have no odds of succeeding. Although, the translation states that the next chapter will be titled “The Sound of the Victory Bell”, which sort of implies that they would succeed. If they win I believe the Author has a genuine reason similar the Commandments eventually reacted with Mael’s Holy Body & killed him or something.

Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 279: Trinity Attack
Nanatsu No Taizai 279 Raw

If the following chapter is indeed Mael’s failure then there are only 3 ways that this could work out:

  1. The secret trinity attack operates and takes Mael.
  2. . The commandments decline Mael.
  3.  A combination of A and B.

However, if the following chapter’s title finishes up being a troll title & he doesn’t get taken down then, the methods in which he could be beaten increase:
Nanatsu No Taizai 279 Trinity attack

  1.  He’s used as a hype machine for 5 Commandment Meliodas
  2.  The Supreme Deity arrives and “wakes” Mael up.
  3.  Ban appears, thus making the comment of Sariel that only a fairy, a giant and a human can defeat Mael comes true and they defeat him.
  4.  Elizabeth absorbs Sariel & Tariel’s Graces.

Komik nanatsu no Taizai 279 Leaks
Also, Gowther’s charges always lead the potential of doing harm to the mind/spirit. While we understand he’s been polished up a lot in terms of power & magic. At the very slightest if Gowther can confine Mael in an illusion to get some time, I’d assume that the drive would be a success. It most likely will serve like when they fought next to Chandler. They didn’t do any physical damage but disrupted the magical balance sufficient to buy some time.
The Seven deadly sins 279 Spoilers


Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 279 Release Date

The release date of the Seven Deadly Sins Chapter 279 is 27th August 2018, however, the scans will be out 2-3 days before to that.

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