Boku no Hero Academia 194 Spoilers, Release Date

We are approaching the release of Boku no Hero Academia 194 & because its release is not so far, spoilers for the upcoming chapter have started to flow on Reddit lately.
If you don’t want to get spoiled, quit this article because I’ll be spoiling what My Hero Academia 194 will highlight.

My Hero Academia Chapter 193 summary



My Hero Academia Chapter 193 Summary

In Chapter 193, we observed that Izuku was still in his vision. Midoriya clears that he can move his right palm, however, apart from that and the upper share of his head, the rest of his body is abstaining. Izuku also sees that distant from him only 7 successors of One For All are near him when there should be 8.
Izuku sees himself able to talk with All For One’s brother, the original user of One For All, in his vision.

All For One’s brother says Midoriya that he’s there with him through and through and will continue showing him more images to provide him more knowledge.

Boku no Hero Academia 194 Spoilers



Boku no Hero Academia 194

Now, getting to the spoilers of the following chapter. In My Hero Academia chapter 194, we’ll notice Izuku thinking back on what occurred in his Dreams. Certainly, he’ll have a discussion with someone’s who’ll provide him with important advice.

BNHA 194 spoilers

Moreover, we might get to witness Winged Hero Hawks once again in the following chapter & how his plan is progressing to infiltrate the League of Villains as a double agent. We haven’t noticed Hawks from the last few chapters & I do believe that we get to witness him in the following chapter of Boku no Hero Academia. So, let’s remain and observe what occurs in this chapter.


Boku no Hero Academia 194 Release Date

The release date for this chapter is 20th August 2018, however, the scans will be out 2-3 days prior to the official date.

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