My Hero Academia Episode 53 Official Leaks

After a short break, My Hero Academia 52 finally aired. The season 3 is simply matching its slogan of “Plus Ultra” and with a fresh arc, it is being done by everyone in order of ultimate moves. Eraserhead included 10 days of tough training for creating an ultimate move in the method of obtaining provisional hero license. In this article, I will talk about My Hero Academia Episode 53 spoilers.

My Hero Academia Episode 52 Summary

Izuku eventually found his plan to found an ultimate move after receiving a tip from All Might. In the newest episode, he used his legs rather of his arms to protect All Might from a collapsing rock.


Boku no Hero Academia Episode 53 preview indicates toward a test as the succeeding step in Provisional Hero License Exam. Midoriya is eager to confront any difficulty to obtain hero license with his newest technique “Full Cowling Shoot Style”.

My Hero Academia Episode 53

My Hero Academia Episode 53 Spoilers

After using their spare days of concentrated training, students appear at the Takoba National Stadium for the Exam. Everyone seems worried though Shota inspires them to give their genuine to achieve their goal of becoming a Hero. They face with one of the powerful students, “Inasa”. Todoroki alerts them about this guy.

Inside the National Stadium, Mera of the Hero Public Safety Commission presents himself & tells about the License Exam. He shows everyone that just 100 out of 1540 examines will be competing in the real exam. Mera reveals about the preceding round where all examinee will take 3 targets & stick them into their body where other will be able to visibly notice them. Candidates will have to catch the objectives of 2 examinees with givens balls to pass for Provisional Hero License Exam.

My Hero Academia Episode 53

During the preceding round, Izuku says to class 1-A that they will succeed if they act together because it will be a school vs school. Few of them accompany Izuku while Todoroki, Bakugo & Eijiro separate from them. Abruptly, contestants start banging balls towards them and Deku Kun reports everyone to support.

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