Boruto Chapter 27 Leaks & Release Date

In this post, I’ll be talking about Boruto Chapter 27 spoilers. As you all know this article contains major spoilers, I’m suggesting you should leave this article before you get spoiled. If you don’t mind being spoiled you can continue on this article.

Boruto Chapter 26 Summary

Boruto Manga 27 leaks

In the previous chapter, we saw Kawaki dreams back to when Jigen adopted him. Kawaki awakes up in Konoha, with Naruto Uzumaki, Shikamaru, and Konohamaru in the room. Notwithstanding Konohamaru and Naruto working to calm him, Kawaki quickly attempts to escape though is paralysed by Shikamaru, who tells him if they desired to do anything with him, they’d already have fulfilled it.
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Naruto desires to individually oversee Kawaki, owing to his own struggles of isolation as a Jinchuriki. Also, Naruto showing Kawaki a glimpse of his strength was just epic. Kawaki believes Naruto might be mightier than Jigen and thinks it useless attempting to get away from him. We later saw the encounter between Boruto and Kawaki. also then Naruto reveals to Boruto that Kawaki will be staying for a while with them.

Boruto Chapter 27 Leaks/Spoilers

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Boruto Chapter 27 will be more centred Boruto & Kawaki. As we all understand that both of them reject each other to the heart.  So we’ll get to see how Kawaki & Boruto’s bond grows as from now on they have to live with each other. Moreover, Kawaki might tell Boruto some details related to Karma seal & how to properly use and control it.
Naruto will definitely be investigating on Kawaki. It is obvious, as that’s the only purpose why Kawaki is here. We might get to observe Naruto begin to train Kawaki.

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Boruto Chapter 27 Release Date

Boruto chapter 27 will release on 22nd September 2018. However, the scans will be out 2-3 days prior to that.

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