‘Otaku Coin’ A New Cryptocurrency For Otakus

Tokyo Otaku Mode has announced its plans for launching ‘Otaku Coin’ a new cryptocurrency for otakus, which includes fields of anime, manga and games.   This project aims to connect anime, manga and game fans around the world with creators, different organizations and other parts of the industry to contribute to the preservation and development … Read more

The Real Identity Of New Dragon Ball Super Movie Saiyan Villain

Upcoming Dragon Ball Movie that is going to take place following the Tournament of Power. It will be centred on Saiyan Villain but where does this Saiyan originate from and who is he? There are a lot of ideas flying around of him being Yamoshi which makes reason since Toriyama has clearly talked of him and Bardock … Read more

Dragon Ball Super Episode 131 Different Ending Confirmed

During an Official interview with DBS director Ryota Nakamura, This conversation was issued on the Official Site of DBS in Japanese which was next explained by Herms98 in English. UI goes into action in episode 129, and everyone’s really interested in what will appear in the last two episodes, but…?! Ryota Nakamura: I’m certain most of us … Read more

Akira Toriyama Confirms ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Will Continue

This month we will see Dragon ball Super’s final episode appear as Son Goku and Jiren the Grey wrap their match at the Tournament of Power, though that isn’t going to be the ending of Dragon Ball Super. Toei Animation has verified there is further left in reserve for the franchise. Recently, we have informed … Read more

Black Panther 2 Movie Is Confirmed By Marvel Studio

Despite the massive success of Black Panther, Marvel Studios had yet to declare that a sequel was on the way. Many fans thought that Kevin Feige and the group were just operating their cards as confined to their chest as soon as possible, seeking to keep the post-Avengers 4 worlds a mystery. Mysteries or no … Read more

Avengers Infinity War New Leaked Photo

Mighty Thanos is bringing a war to the people of our Earth and Steve Rogers and his crew of pseudo-Avengers are eager to stand up to the disaster. While we’re yet waiting on an official poster of the Avengers Infinity War, forward with a full-length trailer, we’ve ultimately got a fresh image to look at … Read more

Avengers Infinity War Trailer Exposed Last Infinity Stone Location

There is little uncertainty that people are now excited to see what will occur in Avengers: Infinity War movie. After all, the Marvel Cinematic Universe flick will summon together various superheroes to face Thanos, who has chosen to recover the Infinity Stones on his own. Although followers are now aware of the location of the … Read more

The Real Connection Of Doctor Strange With Wakanda

There is little uncertainty that Black Panther was fully covered in the course of T’Challa as he gets the throne of Wakanda and fronts the most compelling villain in the Marvel Universe. Still, that doesn’t mean that the Ryan movie did not highlight a few hints to the rest of MCU. One distinct scene may … Read more

Avengers Infinity War Major Spoilers Leaked – Images Revealed

‘Avengers Infinity War,’ directed by Joe and Anthony Russo, is listed to release in cinemas on May 4. Infinity War is only some months away from kicking theaters, and fans over Reddit just leaked a major spoiler of Iron Man. The Avengers are going to have their hands full as they stand against Thanos, and … Read more