Haikyuu 385 Delayed, Haikyuu Chapter 385 Spoilers, Raw Scans

Hey, guys. Welcome back. This time around we are going to discuss Haikyuu’s upcoming chapter numbered 385. The latest Haikyuu chapter 384 just released. It is titled ‘The Greatest Decoy’. It managed to satisfy its fans who have been craving for some Hinata Shoyo content for such a long time now. Mission Successful! The fans were so excited to see the story revolve around Hinata. It showed how Hinata has improved in the last two years. So in this article, we are going to discuss the upcoming Haikyuu chapter 385, its release date, raw scans, and all that jazz.

But before continuing with the article, we need to discuss something really important. This article contains major spoilers. You have been warned! If reading spoilers is not the thing for you, you should skip this one. But if not, let us jump right into it.


Read Haikyuu 385 Spoilers

As was encountered in the previous chapter, Hinata’s performance has been immeasurable. So the Adlers will probably try to counter Hinata’s moves somehow, in the next chapter. We will also be able to see Ushijima scoring some points, shifting the focus from Hinata for just a little bit.

haikyuu 385
Kageyama and Hinata

We can also witness Kageyama and Romero planning and pulling something here. But, whatever they might try to do, together or separately, Hinata will always receive and return their spikes, no matter what.
We will also see Bokuto in action with his moves and spikes. Overall, Haikyuu 385 is going to be fully action-packed and amazing. Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Release Date, Raw Scans

The official release date of Haikyuu Chapter 385 was supposed to be 1st March 2020 but it got delayed a week. Now, the official date for chapter 385 is 8th March 2020. Of course, as is true with any other manga, the raw scans will be out 2-3 days before the official release date of the originals.


Where to read Haikyuu Chapter 385?

You can grab the original Haikyuu chapter 385 on either VIZ media or manga plus. Please do not read your favorite manga from any unofficial site so as support the creators who work hard day and night to provide us with weekly entertainment.

Haikyuu Chapter 384 Recap

The chapter starts with an amazing back and forth between the teams. Hoshiumi begins the point with the service, which the Jackals pick. Bokuto smashes the hell out of this point but Adlers manages to return it. Romero is the one to smash this time. But here comes Hinata with his unnatural agility and picks up Romero’s smash.
Adlers are ahead in the game by 2 points. The Jackals are trying their best to survive but Hinata is proving to be an unbeatable force. Hinata is turning heads, literally, with his inhumane abilities.

Hinata is from Brazil and is known as Ninja Hinata for his skills. Kageyama is onto Hinata’s tricks now and he realizes that Hinata has perfected his decoy character over the years.


This chapter was so intense, fans cannot wait for what’s to come. Make sure to check DiscoverDiary again for awesome content.

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