‘One Piece’ Big News Morgans Drops A Potential Pirate King Teaser

Chapter 901 of One Piece initiated the Strawhats in a bad way as it seemed like Big Mom had eventually destroyed the Thousand Sunny and it appeared to fall into the sea.

Later that is solved in manga Chapter 901, the series of stories that follow point to a major tease of a potential Pirate King in the Worst Generations.


It showed like the Thousand Sunny was destroyed, but it seems that Big Mom’s army destroyed a Sun Pirates ship as Wadatsumi led them away in his mouth. Though when the Big mom pirates stopped the Strawhats once over, Jinbe suggested being left back to help his previous Sun Pirate nakamas.

A member of Big Mom’s underworld society Morgans is observed celebrating their flight. When questioned why he was in relief of their escape, Morgans ridicules that “Straw Hat’s one of the contestants after all. Very shortly from amongst the pirates identified as the Worst Generation, a Pirate King is going to be born!”

While Author has teased a unique Pirate King would rise from the Worst Generation, and the 11 Supernova Pirates that point it, this is the primary time it has done put into an exact tease. This could also bind to what Charlotte Katakuri stated after his battle with Luffy, in which he tells Luffy can look into the future after Luffy promises to come back for Yonko Big Mom.


But with this tease and Luffy saying Jinbe to join them in Wano country, We really can’t detect where the series will continue from here. Particularly with significant threats like Kaido of the Beasts and Blackbeard aka Marshall D. Teach yet out there as well.