One Piece Chapter 971: Oden’s Execution, Release Date

Chapter 970 showed how capable Oden was as a fighter, this chapter was amazing as usual. Fans are furious and why not? the backstabbing and blackmailing left a bad taste in their mouths. This chapter also confirmed that Oden and Kaido were on equal footing. Fans might argue on this but we can say later was slightly stronger than first, the panel where Oden wounds Kaido was insane. But, Oden got wrecked by the Beast Pirate Captain and jailed, which was painful to see. We know the flashback will most likely conclude in One Piece Chapter 971 with the execution of Kozuki Oden.

Release Date-

One Piece is on a break, so the next chapter will officially release on 17th February 2020. The Raw Scans will be out 2-3 days before the release date. We will update this article when we receive any news regarding the chapter.


Oden’s Execution in One Piece Chapter 971

It’s confirmed in this chapter that Oden was unbelievably strong. We would’ve loved a full battle, from the chapter it seems like it lasted for a while, but we got shown only some bits like the beginning and the ending. Also if it lasted longer it would’ve been stretching the flashback too much. It looks like One Piece Chapter 971 will end the flashback and we will get back to the present timeline.

The flashback of Kozuki Oden hasn’t ended yet, we still have to see the Yonko try to get data about ‘Laugh Tale‘ out of Oden too, and probably Oden revealing his Color of Conquerer since we know Kaido knew he had it. Oden’s execution in Chapter 971 is definitely going to be eventful.

Kurozumi Higurashi- Mastermind behind Oden’s Execution

One Piece 971

Even though Orochi and Kaido were the catalysts, Kurozumi Higurashi shaped the history of Wano by herself. She possesses one of the most dangerous fruit in the wrong hands. The more cunning one person is the worst things it can do. Luffy was lucky that it was Bon Clay who got the fruit. He practically revealed to them his ace when they met. Oden suffered from all the underhanded techniques she used, and we someh0w know that her end is near, we most probably see her demise in One Piece Chapter 971.


In addition to that, Kaido basically confirms there is a traitor most likely among the 9 scabbards. It can’t be Shinobu since she wouldn’t be helping Oden in this chapter. There are theories going on all around the internet regarding the traitor, and most of them point at Raizo. If not in the next chapter, we soon will learn about it.

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