The Real Identity Of Former Fleet Admiral Kong

The D family is one of the unusual families in the One Piece. They have several figures with a D in their title. It is unexplained where this family originates from, or why they hold a D in their name, but they’re definitely very interesting, and I deem that we’ll learn to know further regarding them as the story moves forward. Though, until that occurs, all we can do is just think.

There are several D’s in the One Piece world as of now. We’ve observed Trafalgar D. Water Law, Jaguar D. Saul, Monkey D. Family, Gol D. Roger, Marshall D. Teacher, and so on. Between all of them, the ones that strike out the greatest is the Monkey D. Family. So notably, we remember three members of the Monkey D. Family, and they are, Monkey D. Luffy, the lead of the series, Monkey D. Dragon, the head of the Revolutionary Army, and Monkey D. Garp, the hero of the Marines also Luffy’s grandfather.


The Monkey D. family is really fascinating, and there is unquestionably something great concerning them that we don’t grasp yet. It is likely that there are still more members of the Monkey D. family living right now, and as of this theory, we’ve previously observed another one.

This character is Monkey D. Kong, the retired Fleet Admiral of the Marines, even before Sengoku. We don’t really know Kong’s entire name. However according to a theory, He is Garp’s dad, and that is truly how Garp went into the Marines in the original place. Garp desired to grow his Son and Grandson as Marines while they were children, and this is because of the direction he was grown. Moreover, note how Kong is titled following a monkey, and of course that relates well to the Monkey D. family as completely.

I believe Kong is a part of the D. family makes sense because there are a lot of resemblances there. I would love to see a flashback of Roger’s era and view how the Marines truly operate. We would more get to notice further of Kong, and of course, Garp as well. Oda himself desires to draw Garp’s story, though he just doesn’t have sufficient time. Still, his comments imply that we might see more knowledge on the D. people soon.