One Piece Chapter 914 Official Leaks

After the fascinating chapter 913, we are in for an extra surprise with One Piece chapter 914.
I’ll discuss One Piece Chapter 914 spoilers with you people now. If you don’t desire to be spoiled, this is the chance to quit reading this article because this article holds official spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 914 Official Leaks

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“The drug is working, & O-Tama is healing. Kiku is treating Zoro’s injuries. She uses the term “sessha” alternatively of I, and she’s nearly 3 meters tall. Tsuru needs to Tama to have “Shiruko,” though as she doesn’t have money, Tama declines to eat it. Then Tsuru states, if Tama isn’t going to have it then she will toss it away; later Tama eats the Shiruko, she cries because it’s so good. 20 years ago, the Kozuki clan was residing in the Oden castle & were controlling the Wano kingdom.

The plantation now belongs to Shogun, and Tsuru and the rest buy the rotten ingredients from them. Later Tsuru exposes the internal details of Wano, someone points an arrow at Tsuru.

Zoro prevents the arrow with his sword. The one who blasted the arrow is one of the Gifters who has consumed the bat Smile DF.

He’s applying the wings of a bat & is flying. His hearing is 6 times higher than an ordinary human, so he wanted to shoot Tsuru who abused the Shogun.

One piece Chapter 914 spoilers

One arrow after another is directed at Tsuru, however, Zoro prevents all of them. As they were confused by the batman, another gifter who has had the Gazelle Smile DF kidnaps Tama. Kiku takes a sword with her & follows the gazelleman. Luffy & Zoro go with her.

The gazelleman is travelling to the official’s town and Hawkins, Holdem, & Speed, as well as around 30 other Smile Df users, are waiting. Luffy questions who exactly Kiku is, and she replies, I am a Samurai!. Following Trafalgar D. Law learns from Bepo that Luffy & the rest are going to the official’s town, he states “Hey wait! That’s nothing but trouble! We’ve to hold these idiots!”

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