One Piece Stampede Revealed First Look, Release Date- Updated

A One Piece new movie is reportedly on the move in celebration of the One Piece 20th anniversary. The title for the next One Piece film has been revealed as One Piece Stampede.
According to the news, this film will get a theatre release. It undeviatingly follows Film: Z & One Piece Film: Gold, both of which highlighted series author Oda in an oversight area.
The news was first published following the broadcast of Episode of Sky Island. The film’s name was announced with a teaser on December 11, 2018.


One Piece Stampede First Look, Teaser Trailer

One Piece Stampede

The title Stampede holds for ‘enthusiastic action’, ‘to rush’, and ‘runaway’. The published teaser visual shows Luffy’s straw hat hovering in dusty air while a large monster rises from a mountain of trash and a cloud of dust in the back. This colossal monster can also be observed in the teaser video which reveals Luffy’s adventures.

The poster for the movie teases a significant metal creature that’s hurriedly pulled together. Along with observing pieces of junk coming collectively to build the creature, Luffy’s Straw Hat is waving in the wind.


While One Piece Stampede preview only displays a flashback of what occurred after the anime began, I think that we will be seeing more of it once the proper trailer is released. In the following few days, Jump Festa 2019 is about to start, and in Japan, it is one of the most important events that most of the anime fans are expecting. For that reason, we are assuming that we’re going to get the proper trailer during the event.

One Piece Stampede Release Date

This upcoming One Piece movie will open in theatres in Japan on August 9 2019.

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