To You, The Immortal Chapter 78 Spoilers, Release Date

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To You, The Immortal Chapter 78 Spoilers


To You, The Immortal Chapter 78 raw

For the brief time, this does appear like a fortunate end, yes. However, there are likely long-lasting outcomes of this arc: The Benett Church “won” and Fushi has been properly marked as a demon. Baron Spring Roll living out a peaceful life in the castle if Fushi doesn’t stay also dismisses his usefulness of being able to observe dead spirits.

Baron Spring Roll also brings with him the mystery that Fushi can resurrect the dead so great as their spirit is yet around to take hold of the copy. This chapter made me forget about the usual endings we know when it occurs to characters, so I’m just leaving to be blissfully unaware for a while longer.

Fushi friends


In the upcoming chapter, We might be seeing another time-skip with Fushi going before Baron Spring Roll dies of old age. So Fushi now has to leave the country before time-skip issues. Bon gets a great ending, for now. I wonder if Fushi is going to hold around long enough to observe this world with advanced tech. 

For once are we really getting a fortunate ending for Fushi friends? 

To You, The Immortal Chapter 78 Release Date

The release date of the Kingdom Chapter 572 is 14th September 2018.


To You, The Immortal Chapter 78 Raw

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