Is Kaido Really One Of The Rocks Pirates?

I have a few questions that I find strange and unsettled to my awareness. and one of them is about the connection between Kaido and Rocks Pirates.

Is Kaido Really One Of The Rocks Pirates?

I read most of us assuming that Kaido and Big Mom were comrades probably in an old pirate crew like the Rocks, and besides some speculate that Kaido is a World Government Experiment. I discover it more plausible to be later because I have one problem with this part.


rocks pirates one piece

If Kaido desires to die and tests his strength against powerful opponents and craved to fight Whitebeard who is the strongest man in the One Piece world and did challenge him a couple of times and fancied to confront him right before the Marineford arc though was prevented by Yonko Shanks.
If he desires to die that bad how come he never tested his power against the “Pirate King” or “Whitebeard’s Rival”? how come we never heard of that?

Rocks One Piece Revealed

Maybe that’s because Kaido is something new in this OP world that didn’t exist 22 years ago before the Gol D. Roger died? apparently, Big Mom helped Kaido escape the World Government also that’s the link between them that’s why Yonko Kaido owes Charlotte Linlin.

Rocks Pirates

Rocks Pirates Revealed

Rocks is a person or a crowd of people who were notable 40 years ago before the Gol D. Roger came into control. Not much is grasped about Rocks, particularly among those who grew up following their time. They appear to have been compelling, given their fame prior to Pirate King’s time and the point that Garp could not think what the Marines would arrange if they came back into command.

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