An Adventurous Story: Treasure Hunter For Hire, Chapter XV

Treasure Hunter For Hire: Chapter XV

Desmond couldn’t believe what he was seeing. How could a rock hard stone change shapes? The thing they were dealing with right now was something magical. It was clear to both of them now where did Desmond’s powers come from. It was the stone’s doing. Formerly, it was a square shape with something engraved upon its surface. Now the engraving had faded completely and the stone had become a sharp crystal-like oval. The green color that used to seem like it was emitting out of the stone like and energy was there no more. Instead, the green was embedded in it. If you look closely, you can see green energy circling like a tornado inside the stone. It was marvelous.


Well, the mystery of your power has been solved I think.”, said Collin. Desmond nodded in approval, never taking his eyes off the stone.

Can you summon it again?



The power, can you do what you did before again?

I’ll try. Stand back.” Desmond closed his eyes, tightened his grip on the stone and willed for it to come. It didn’t. He concentrated even further. It still didn’t. He had been avoiding thinking about the particular incident that happened with Alvy but seeing that the power was refusing him, he thought about it. He thought about how angry he got when Alvy disrespected him in front of everyone, about how he felt the power surge through his body and how he felt it channeling through his palm. He willed himself to remember everything, in detail.

A bright green light, just as before, shot from his palm and through the tent. It created a big hole in the top corner of the tent sheet. The hunters that were standing outside of Alvy’s tent, standing guard, heard as well as saw the flash. They knew that Colin had gone to talk to Desmond some hours ago. The flash tempted them to think that that monster Desmond must have done something to Collin in a fit of rage. They ran, as swiftly as they could, toward the tent in question.


When they burst open the flap, the sight they met relieved them. Collin was on the ground taken aback, Desmond was a distance away from him, clutching his right hand as if it ached severely. His hand was surrounded by excessive smoke and there was the added smell of burnt flesh. Although four men had arrived to see what had happened, nobody went to see if Desmond was alright. Everyone crowded Collin, helped him stand up and kept asking him if he needed anything to drink or was he hurt somewhere. The indication was crystal clear to Desmond. After today, he was not going to be welcome in the hunters’ team. He will be considered an outsider, a freak.

Afterward, Collin went towards his tent shaken up a bit. The team members accompanied him to make sure he is comfortable in his bed. All that was left behind was Desmond who had to tend to his burnt hand all by himself. He finally went to sleep feeling alone and miserable.

The next morning, Desmond asked Collin about the tribals. They had totally forgotten about them. Collin assured him that he had already punished them. Upon asking further he revealed that he had done nothing but left them to die by replenishing hunters’ food supplies with theirs. So even if they free themselves somehow, they would not have anything to survive on. Of course, they could always hunt but no one really gave it much thought. Everyone ignored Desmond. Nobody even looked at him or his bandaged hand, except for Collin, who also couldn’t talk much because according to him if he was seen with Desmond for a really long time, it would be bad for the whole team’s spirit. He was excluded from all the meetings where important decisions regarding the treasure hunting were taken. No one even told him where they were headed or what the plan was, not even Collin. Collin had practically asserted all the leadership roles and it seemed, he was enjoying it very much.  

Nonetheless, they all got ready for moving onward with their mission which was close now. As Desmond was climbing into his wagon, the first one in the trail, Collin pushed him and got in himself.

Sorry, dear friend, but you have to ride in the last wagon from now on. I’m not saying this, all of your team wants me to ride in the front. I’m sorry.”, Collin said looking downward at Desmond while sitting in the wagon. Resigned, Desmond went to the back of the trail. He was feeling rapidly unwelcome in this group. He will have to do something to gain their trust back, to make them think that he is the only leader they want.

The next chapter will follow soon.

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