All Lies Of Usopp That Became True – One Piece

A running gag in One Piece is that Usopp’s lies ultimately turn out to be accurate. Usopp’s primary and principal weapon is his lies. Derived from his continual lying about pirates attacking every day in his hometown as well as from saying strange adventure stories to interest his friends in Syrup Village, Usopp has perfected a talent for saying tall tales. These lies are constantly ridiculously unbelievable, & just the greatly innocent or naive ever take them at face amount, for example, his own friends, Luffy & Chopper.
Notwithstanding their unbelievability, his lies have sometimes become true.
We understand that Usopp lies a lot, though what he doesn’t comprehend is that his lies ultimately become correct here are few lies that became true throughout his experience with the Straw hats.

All Lies Of Usopp That Became True

  • Pirates are invading the village. Kuro’s army actually attacking.Usopp's Lies That Eventually Become True
  • An enormous goldfish with poop as big as an island. Dorry & Broggy validated it.
  • Country of Dwarf, Tontatta Tribe.
  • A gorgeous female swordmaster that brought a lot of meat (Rebecca getting Luffy three bentos at the Colosseum).
  • Wanted to witness a huge mole in Kaya’s house. Fight with Mrs Merry Christmas.
  • While Syrup village arc, they act to chase “Cerberus”, while chasing a normal dog (Usopp met an actual Cerberus at Thriller Bark).Usopp's Lies That Eventually Become True
  • Claimed Luffy’s prime bounty is his. Got his initial bounty at 30 million Berries.
  • A big condor, flying into the skies (The big condors Chopper joined during the 2-year time-skip. Usopp travelled one while the reunion).
  • Loathsome snowman (Rock & Scotch, the Yeti Cool brothers).
  • Usopp and his friends also act to catch a dragon (The Straw Hat Pirates truly capture and eat a dragon at Punk Hazard).
  • Usopp is a specialist in sniping. Birth of Sogeking.
  • Has 8000 followers. Well, the Elbaf warrior, the dwarf, & all the toys that convert humans again.Usopp's Lies That Eventually Become True

Primarily, the lies that haven’t become true are:

  • Conqueror’s Haki.
  • Medicine that cures every disease.
  • Brave warrior of the sea.
  • King Usopp from hell.
  • Beating 10 ant shadows.
  • Assisting in taking down a bomb man.
  • Descendant of Noland.
  • Being born on sniper island.

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