Black Clover Chapter 168 Spoilers & Release Date

After the great chapter 167, we are in for an extra surprise with Black Clover Chapter 168.
Before we start, I want to let you all know that this article holds spoilers. If you don’t desire to be spoiled, then it is beneficial for you if you don’t go forward with this article. However, if spoilers don’t worry you, we can start.

Black Clover Chapter 167 Summary
Black Clover Chapter 168 Spoilers

In the previous chapter, we observed how Rades & Asta kept on discussing. Asta aches to atone for his crimes that he has done in the past while Rades simply desires vengeance. Asta asks everyone else what they desire to do & it does appear that they too desire to protect the kingdom and this annoys Rades.
Besides, Asta questions Rades if he wants to protect the Kingdom too. Rades falls in and states that he will accompany them, although he will do exactly what he aspires to do. Then the view changes to the ruined capital & Black Bulls base abruptly rises, the residents are stunned by this, while Asta states that they have appeared at the capital.


Black Clover Chapter 168 Spoilers
Black Clover Chapter 168 Black Bulls

Getting to the Black Clover Manga Chapter 168 Spoilers. It’s clear now Sally will be performing tests on Asta in future and I’m interested what sort of results we’ll be seeing. I do expect that in the following chapter we learn to witness the meeting of Yami or Noelle & others with Black Bulls.
Black Clover Chapter 168 Release Date

The method Asta traded his body to protect the kingdom, that’s how a great emperor conclude. The following chapter will be pretty exciting as we’ll observe what Asta and company will do & I’m looking ahead to observing what’s in Rades’ mind.

Black Clover Chapter 168 Release Date

The precise release date of this manga chapter is 6th August 2018 although the scans will be out 2-3 days before the original release date.


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