One Piece chapter 955

One Piece Manga 955: The Grave of Roronoa Zoro

If you’re waiting for One Piece Manga 955, this chapter is not getting this week. As stated in the previous chapter, Oda is taking a one week break, which indicates we will be getting Chapter 955 next week. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest updates on One Piece. One Piece Manga 955: The … Read more

One Piece chapter 955

One Piece Chapter 955 official release date, spoilers

Chapter 954 is out and fans are completely shocked by how much stuff happened in this single chapter. Kaido and Big Mom allied to rule all over the world. This war in Onigashima is going to be much bigger and epic compare to Marineford. Also, the story is moving too fast starting this chapter, we … Read more

One Piece manga is ending

One Piece Manga is ending in 5 years says Eiichiro Oda

Today, Japanese YouTuber named Fischer posted a video of Eiichiro Oda’s studio. Including Fischer, a total of 7 YouTubers interviewed Oda and asked him about the end of One Piece manga and many other questions. Twitter user @sandman_Ap translated it and made a summary of the interview. One Piece manga is ending in the next … Read more

Big Mom and Kaido Formed an alliance

Big Mom and Kaido formed an alliance in the latest One Piece chapter

One Piece latest chapter confirmed that Big Mom and Kaido allied. Oda foreshadowed this alliance during the reverie arc, where Big Mom proposed this alliance to deal with Luffy. She also reminds Kaido about the favor she owes him. Honestly, Luffy and co need more force to balance them out maybe the support of Shanks … Read more

One Piece 954

One Piece 954 official release date, spoilers, Who is Denjiro?

Chapter 953 was a great chapter, We learned why Gyukimaru collects weapons and he can transform into a fox. The flashback of Kawamatsu and how he dealt when he lost Hiyori, left us speechless. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more update on One Piece 954. In the previous chapter, Hiyori offered Roronoa Zoro “Enma” a … Read more

One Piece chapter 954

One Piece Chapter 954: Enma- The God of Hell

Chapter 953 was such a wholesome chapter! After seeing the depressing past of Kawamatsu, and Kitsune. It was so heart touching. After reading this chapter, I just had to close my eyes and reflect all the moments that happened in this chapter. Subscribe to our Reddit community for more latest updates on One Piece chapter … Read more

Zoro Shimotsuki clan

‘One Piece’ Latest Chapter Reveals the Origin of Roronoa Zoro

Chapter 953 revealed some really interesting info regarding the Shimotsuki clan, or perhaps about the origin of Roronoa Zoro. There was two Shimotsuki daimyo (Hakumai and Ringo) in Wano before Kaido took over it. Shimotsuki clan was also a powerful clan similar to Kozuki clan. They ruled over the eastern part of Wano and also … Read more

One Piece Chapter 953

One Piece Chapter 953: The Legacy of Ryuma

Spanish Translator hyped One Piece chapter 953, the Spanish version always translates the editor’s notes at the end while the English one doesn’t. The translator said he is anxious for the next chapter to be released so he can comment it. Judging by the precedents it seems that can be a chapter with some kind … Read more

One Piece 952

One Piece Chapter 952: Backstory of Kaido and Big Mom

Chapter 952 has been delayed, fans have to look out for the next chapter as it is expected to reveal some major details. Everyone is anxiously waiting for One Piece chapter 952, as fans want to know how the fight between the emperors will proceed in the next chapter.  Before starting this article, let me … Read more

One Piece 950

One Piece Chapter 950: Reunion of Kidd and Killer

One Piece chapter 950 can’t come soon enough, Chapter 949 is recently out and it was overall a fine chapter. Follow to our Twitter and Facebook for the latest updates. Enjoy! There is so much going on and we take a new turn pretty much every chapter. It’s hard to predict even the basic matchup … Read more

One Piece 946

One Piece Chapter 946: The Battle for O-Shiroku

Hello Guys, If you’re waiting for One Piece chapter 946, it’s sad to tell you that this chapter is not getting this week. One Piece manga won’t be out the following week. Which means we will be getting Chapter 946 next week. Follow to our Twitter & Facebook for newest updates. One Piece Chapter 946: … Read more

One Piece chapter 941

One Piece Chapter 941 Spoilers, Prediction, Release Date

One Piece Chapter 941: Chapter 940 revealed that Big Mom and Chopper eventually arrived at Udon, I’ve been really thrilled to see how things will go down with Big Mom and Queen. I’m loving how the plot is getting together more and more, with how the prison will provide Luffy allies for the rebellion. Note: … Read more

One Piece chapter 939

One Piece Chapter 939- Kyoshiro and Denjiro Mystery

If you’re waiting for One Piece chapter 939, it’s sad to say that this chapter is not getting this week. As said in Chapter 938, Oda is taking a one week break, which shows we will be getting Chapter 939 next week. One Piece Chapter 939 Spoilers, Prediction One Piece Chapter 938 is out and … Read more

One Piece’s Sanji Gets Funny Easter Egg In Jump Force

One Piece’s Sanji Gets Funny Easter Egg In Jump Force

One Piece’s Sanji Gets Funny Easter Egg In Jump Force Bandai Namco’s Jump Force pits all the characters of Shonen Jump against one another. An exciting idea, I should say. Seeing all of the characters across all of the Shonen Jump will act as a giant crossover among all the anime. The fans will be … Read more

OP chapter 931 raw

One Piece Chapter 931 Raw, Sanji’s Raid Suit Stealth Black

One Piece Chapter 931 raw scans have finally arrived. One Piece Chapter 931 SPOILERS from r/OnePiece Here are the initial leaked raw scans for One Piece chapter 931:       One Piece Chapter 931 In thriller bark, Sanji said that the only Devil fruit he would eat was the invisibility fruit and vowed Abasalom … Read more

Gear 4th Snakeman

Luffy’s Gear 4th Snakeman Form Revealed, One Piece Episode 870

At the end of the One Piece episode 869, Luffy’s battle with Katakuri is entering its final stage. The Straw Hats meeting time is getting closer, and Luffy has taken some heavy hits, so he had no option but to use his new ability, Gear 4th Snakeman. So, In One Piece Episode 870, we will … Read more

One Piece 930

One Piece Chapter 930 Official Release Date, Spoilers, Expectation

One Piece chapter 929 was truly awesome, I just can’t wait for the next chapter. Now, Let’s break down & predict the events of One Piece Chapter 930. But before to that, here is a huge spoiler warning for you. The post advancing holds spoilers so proceed at your own will. Follow to our Twitter & Facebook for brand-new One Piece updates. Orochi wanting Vegapunk … Read more