Connection Of Im-Sama With Joyboy And Ancient Kingdom

Now many of you people think that Im-Sama is actually from space or moon. Well, that’s something I do not agree with.

Warning: Major Spoilers ahead!


So, Most of you will agree with me on that IM-sama is related to ‘Void Century’ which has been not recorded except written on polyglyphs.

Only information about Void century we know that there was an Ancient kingdom and there was one individual called Joyboy.

 Im-Sama And Joyboy


So how IM-Sama come into this? well, IM-Sama was truly the King of that Ancient Kingdom.


Well, let’s start with this.

 Im-Sama And Joyboy


Now the tone professor Clover describes this ‘Ancient Kingdom’ we believe this kingdom was a good nation, however, that isn’t exactly the case because all the pieces professor said were thoughts which can go incorrect, although it provides an idea just not the entire truth.

Also, see this when the professor was saying about the strength and prestige of the kingdom, Gorosei listened to all of his thoughts yet the second he was on to tell the name of that Kingdom, they killed him. Well, that’s odd? I mean just after he was almost to tell Kingdom name they killed him yet rest they heard all the way through, maybe this is because this Kingdom was ruled by IM-Sama.

One Piece 908 Im Sama

How is this possible?

Simple Gorosei wanted to keep the identity of IM-Sama a mystery at all cost.

Why is Gorosei wanted to keep the identity of IM-Sama a mystery?

Because IM-Sama is part of ‘One piece’ or a piece of the puzzle that is ‘One piece’.

How is Im-Sama linked to One Piece?

Well, I’ll tell you about it later, but first, let’s discuss Joyboy.

I believe Joyboy was first ever pirate who began his journey for ‘freedom’, and he had a ‘great adventure’ on the sea, he started his trip from this Ancient Kingdom. This Kingdom was not all that good, it may be similar to the Goa Kingdom or the Dressrosa Kingdom which encourages slavery and other damaging actions if not maybe to a minor extent.

Joyboy saved many nations on his adventure similar to Luffy. This got him recognition and several people simply started turning into pirates. Joyboy was the one who truly started the age of pirates and probably becomes the first ever King of the pirates.

 Im-Sama And Joyboy

Why is it proposed that the Ancient Kingdom dropping their experiences in Polyglyphs?

Well, they are truly more like a log book of Joyboy and last note from his crew.

Probably, Joyboy had crew members from Kozuki-clan, Samurai and most reasonably Damiyo who delivered his ability to Joyboy to record his experience during the Void century.
The point is they are scattered around the globe in the separate location, this itself shows that whoever recorded it, he must be a traveller.

As I said earlier that Joyboy travelled around like a Pirate and saved many Kingdoms, and the 20 kings which formed World Government were the Kings which Joyboy had destroyed that time the single King was strong enough to overcome Joyboy was IM-sama.
Joyboy had very dominant crew members and had several allies who were from the Kingdoms that Joyboy saved.

The Ancient Kingdom combined with other 20 Kingdoms & used their armed power to proceed a war upon Joyboy and his pirate crew. This allied military force is now recognized as Marines.

This war pulled on for several years, in the end, Joyboy got beaten because he was deceived by one of his crew or Joyboy beat IM-sama and then got tricked by one of his crew members.

After the fall of Joyboy, Wolrd Government was properly formed following their incompetent to manage the pirates which were built during the era of Joyboy. The war must be taken a lot of damage on the Allied Kingdom, So to restrain and eliminate pirates, the World Government was created.

One Piece Chapter 909

What is the Will of ‘D’ or family of ‘D’?

I believe the family of ‘D’ is actually crew members of Joyboy.

 Im-Sama And Joyboy

Let me describe this in more particular, as there are few limited data which was presented by Corazon, he said ‘D will continuously bring storm’ & ‘The natural enemy of Gods’, however, this was denied by Sengoku.

The crew of Joyboy were powerful enough to stand against ‘God’. IM-sama was honoured as a God by his Kingdom and his associates. Joyboy and his crew got beaten because they were deceived by one of their personal nakama. As it can just be assumed that this clan of ‘D’ were the natural foe of ‘Gods’ as pirates are the natural foe of the World Government.

 Im-Sama And Joyboy

The one who betrayed Joyboy’s crew was Marshal D. Teach’s ancestor.

Blackbeard betrayed Whitebeard, seized Ace and straight responsible for both of their losses. Actually, both were the prime contender for being the Pirate King.

Why is Blackbeard on the list of Im-Sama as well?

If his ancestor can deceive their respected captain then these sorts of people can deceive anyone in quick a free end.

Why Luffy? well, it is self-explanatory.

The secret of’ ‘Empty Throne’ which isn’t precisely empty.


 Im-Sama And Joyboy

In this panel, we see that empty throne express balance among all authority and weapons surround the throne is a figure of the agreement.
Nineteen weapons nearby the throne & others are at the beneath the platform of the throne.

 Im-Sama And Joyboy

It doesn’t view empty now, isn’t it? As you can notice Im-Sama is resting on this so-called ‘Empty Throne’.

I think ‘One piece’ is a piece of ancestral treasure which was discovered by Joyboy or he had with him and with this, you can beat Im-Sama the greatest ruler of the world.

Which Gol D. Roger had with him at one point. why didn’t he beat Im-Sama with this?
Well, Roger was sick with the deadly disease.
Roger admired his crew so much, he must have understood if he wages war with the Im-sama to the area with the World Government, he would not have succeeded and he would have wasted his crew.

Whitebeard told that there be some who will take the entire history on his system on his back and will question the entire world to fight.

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