One Piece Manga Chapter 909 Parody Spoilers

Note: Assuming this only in case it isn’t clear enough: This is only for a parody one piece chapter. The original One Piece manga chapter 909 should arrive out following week.

Parody Title For One Piece Manga Chapter 909: “King vs King”

Im-Sama shares to the Gorosei his victim to be exterminated, it’s Nefertari Vivi. He reveals how the Nefertari people have betrayed the World Government & that she poses too serious of a intimidation due to her links.


One Piece Manga Chapter 909

The Five Elders send the CP0 following her, but tell Im-Sama about the deadly pirate Shanks has informed them about.

At the Reverie they discuss Monkey D. Luffy, he’s viewed by the world to be the 5th emperor at this time. Only then they take up the “lurking legend” and how he professes an even greater threat.


Back at the socializing plaza, Shirahoshi and the others are in conversation when CP0 shows up to take Vivi away. Vivi tries to resist, but their actions are halted as someone crashes into the yard.

The character rises up to be unveiled to be the famous lurking legend.

One Piece Manga Chapter 909


Im-Sama and the Five Elders find out about him having appeared, professing he’s the very pirate that Yonko Shanks brought up, and Im-Sama determines that he will advance and confront him himself. One of the Gorosei reports that a generation ago the lurking legend commanded over a dominant country.

The whole unveiling of the lurking legend.

"King vs King"

The lurking legend has now taken out a lot of units, but Im-Sama confers up.

The whole reveal of Im-sama, now we can observe his entire face certainly.

Im-sama & the lurking legend encounter. A big fight happens.

An unexpected visitor arrives at the end.

One Piece Manga Chapter 909 Release Date

One Piece 909 will properly come out on July 2nd, however, we will notice raw & scans by 28th June.

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