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Why Is Shanks At Mary Geoise?

One Piece Manga Chapter 907 Short Summary

In the New World, Yonko Big Mom communicates Kaido of the beast and tells him that she intends to be the one to kill Luffy, saying that Kaido still owes her a debt. Kaido vows to kill Luffy before she can as the Marines eavesdrop on them.

Why Is Shanks At Mary Geoise?

  • According to Big Mom, Kaido owes her a huge debt.
  • An unknown character or a group named Rocks is mentioned by Garp.
  • It is said that Rocks’ era came before Roger’s.
  • In Mary Geoise, there is the Empty Throne, which is only used as a symbol of peace.

The Five Elders prepare to meet with a hooded figure alone, ordering their guards to leave, while revealing their guest to be Shanks, who wishes to talk with them about “a certain pirate”.

Why is Shanks at Mary Geoise and what he wants to talk about with Five Elders in person?

Shanks At Mary Geoise

Well, most of the fans think Shanks is the strongest Haki user and so he could be having the strongest or amplified all 3 Haki.


Like when he first came to warn Whitebeard about Blackbeard and to stop Ace, he may have already seen the future of what would happen after few months. And in the latest chapter, he would have seen some tragic future and came to warn World Government about it as he came to warn WhiteBeard about his death.

He is also the first person to predict or see that Luffy would become the Pirate King in future.


As you all have seen how powerful his Conquerors Haki is that damages the objects and Armament Haki that could easily stop Akainu’s attack by which Ace and Kurohige were dead.

He may possess or have trained his Observation Haki so powerful that he could see the future over days or months instead of seconds like Katakuri.

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