Basil Hawkins’ Devil Fruit Abilities Explained

Basil Hawkins is a notorious pirate from North Blue recognised as the “Magician” & the leader of the Hawkins Pirates. He is one of 12 pirates who is referred to as the “Worst Generation”.
Basil Hawkins had the Wara Wara no Mi, a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that enables him to generate & manipulate straw.

Full Power Of Basil Hawkins’ Devil Fruit

Basil Hawkins' Devil Fruit Full Power Revealed


This Devil Fruit is a Paramecia-class that provides the user with the capability to create, shape and change into the straw with damage-redirecting features at will. He’s a guy who believes in fortune, the best case is likely that he uses tarot cards to understand out how a state can emerge. Already used often in the story.

Hawkins can build a giant scarecrow which was able to damage Roronoa Zoro efficiently & even overpower him concerning strength.

Hawkins has further confirmed that he could use his powers offensively, either by changing into a huge scarecrow-like monster or by ordering an even larger straw thing to battle on his place. He is also able to transform his weapon into the straw, providing for higher power & reach.


He was able to continuously endure a kick & a laser blast from Admiral Kizaru, the former having hit him through a building. Whether Hawkins can instantly choose who gets the injury is unknown.
Basil Hawkins' Devil Fruit
I guess Hawkins’ Devil Fruit will be of numerous use in the fate of Wano arc, and I can now see foreshadowing for the future some chapters. Plus, I don’t think that his fortunetelling magic is linked to his Devil Fruit. Hawkins possible holds a power other than his Devil Fruit powers as well, and I would prefer to get to grasp what it is.

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