‘One Piece’ Chapter 901 Spoilers/Speculations, Is Sunny Destroyed?

One Piece manga Chapter 900, astounded everyone with its stunning twist. Earlier, followers were somehow already suspected the Strawhats to, fortunately, escape from the Big Mom’s territory thinking the point that Sanji and Luffy are now on board the Sunny, the apparently strong Vinsmokes have appeared with their clone soldiers and the Jinbe’s previous companions, … Read more

Strongest Division Commanders Of Straw Hat Grand Fleet – Ranked 2018

Straw hat Grand Fleet is one of the most powerful fleets. This Fleet was formed after the results of Dressrosa arc and further consists of several famous figures. The Strawhat Grand Fleet has several powerful division commanders and because of that, it is one of the most powerful Fleet that travels in the New World. … Read more

New Mode/Power Of Vinsmoke Sanji – One Piece

I’ve been reading up on the Kamen Rider & Super Sentai wikis and I believe I possibly come across few background info, One piece Creator probably applied to base Sanji’s powers off. Sanji’s Diable Jambe was originally introduced in Enies Lobby and regularly since the time skip Sanji has been utilizing it like Luffy uses … Read more

The Connection Between God Usopp And Giant Goldberg

Giant Pirate Goldberg. His shield is very attractive. I don’t think this is a homie because Big Mom got her strengths after she left Elbaf. More relevant would be that the shield of Goldberg has consumed some sort of Devil fruit. We have observed this before: – The sword which is occupied by Spandam name: … Read more

Top 8 Most Powerful Characters In One Piece – No Yonko/Admiral

– Admirals, Marines, Yonko, and Dead Characters won’t be included. – Bounty does not include. – If they are retired they won’t be included. 8. Monkey D. Luffy Luffy’s tremendous physical power permits him to confront the most powerful and formidable opponents. While simple-minded by character, Luffy can be a tricky genius in combat. He has consumed the … Read more

One Piece Manga Chapter 900 Spoilers/Speculations

One Piece Chapter 900 is just nearby the edge. While the official spoilers for the chapter 900 aren’t out, this article may have possible spoilers, so there’s continuously a chance of getting across a spoiler. Chapter 899 was a pretty fast-paced chapter, with various stuff occurring at once, at the very fast-paced and Sanji eventually … Read more

Top 5 Most Unique Devil Fruits Exist In One Piece

Devil Fruits are located everywhere the world of One Piece that, when ingested, give the eater with exceptional abilities, depending on the nature and variation of the DF itself. Few of the DFs in One Piece are yet further bizarre than the usual Devil Fruits that are observed in the World. In this list, I will … Read more

Top 5 Most Powerful Defences In The World Of One Piece

Defences are one of the items that can turn the waves of a battle. The stronger the defence is, the difficulty is to penetrate, and more it is as big as attacks. 1. Bisu Bisu no Mi: Bisu Bisu no Mi is a Paramecia class of Devil Fruit, which grants its user form and control … Read more

Why Pekoms Can’t Control His Sulong Form – Theory

Pekoms Sulong transformation is previously interrupted by Charlotte Oven in Manga chapter 897. But it got few things clear. Why Pedro chose to follow Strawhats to Whole Cake Island. Pekom can’t control his Su-long form. It is strange. why? This may look normal to some but examine his experience and age, it would have performed much … Read more

All 5 Haki Users In The Strawhat Pirates – One Piece

Haki is a mysterious power that’s observed in every existing form in the world. It’s not that unique from the common senses. Still, most people don’t notice it or fail to wake it. There are two kinds of Haki accessible to everyone, given the usual training; though, there’s a third kind, that just a special … Read more

Franky and Kuma

All 5 Known Cyborgs In The World Of One Piece

5. Franky Franky, also recognized as “Cyborg” Franky, is a shipwright also a member of the Mugiwara Pirates. When Franky was a child, he was a marvellous shipbuilder and he created many warships. Franky was amazingly proficient at building material, and his skills far surpassed his brother, Icebergs. Franky’s personal body was, though, messed up … Read more

Top 5 Strongest Pirate Crews Ranked In One Piece – 2018

The universe of One Piece had a huge number of Pirate Crews travelling on the seas. Few of these Pirate crews are unusually strong. So, I’ve created a list of the five mightiest Pirate Crews in One Piece. 5. Remaining Whitebeard Pirates The Whitebeard Pirates were recognized as the mightiest Pirate Crew. The Yonko Edward … Read more

Top 5 Most Powerful Swords In The World Of One Piece

Everyone likes a great sword battle, and there are some strong swordsperson in the world of One Piece. Only a few people hold these special swords, and these are considerably more powerful when compared to a normal sword. let’s start with the list of Top 5 Most Powerful Swords In The World Of One Piece. Top … Read more

One Piece Manga Chapter 898 Spoilers

“One Piece” manga chapter 898 is around to be released. The Germa 66 is supposed to show off their abilities in the following chapter. With their arrival, the outcome of Luffy and Sanji Vs. Big Mom’s Pirates will be in their support and fans are seeing forward to recognizing if the Vinsmokes are strong enough … Read more

One Piece Manga Chapter 897 Revealed [SPOILER] Saves Luffy

One Piece manga is set up for the closing stage of its peak of the WCI arc, and that involves the result after Luffy and Katakuri’s big battle in the mirro-world. In exiting the mirro-world, Luffy soon saw himself charged by Oven and the remainder of the Charlotte Family. Fortunately, Sanji, and later his family (Germa … Read more

One Piece Manga Chapter 897 Speculations

Let’s talk about One Piece Manga Chapter 897 which will be out in a few days. Still, the spoilers aren’t out yet, I thought I would give my thoughts on the next manga chapter of One Piece with you people. As we all know, One Piece Manga Chapter 896 noted the end of an epic … Read more