One Piece Chapter 908 – Royal Bloodline of Shanks

One Piece Chapter 907 Summary

One Piece Chapter 908


In this article, I will be discussing One Piece Manga chapter 908. One Piece Manga Chapter 907 released a week ago & has sent us into a craze. The Reverie arc is, without any uncertainties, the genuine arc that we’ve seen post time-skip and yet better than WCI arc in my belief. In the Previous week’s chapter, we noticed Shirahoshi being kidnapped & finally she was rescued by Donquixote Mjosgard, who Otohime rescued a few years ago at the Fishman Island.

Kaido and Big Mom were also shown to be parts of some organisation named ROCKS in the past. Now, they might also combine their strengths in order to take down Monkey D. Luffy.

Why is Shanks at Marie Geoise? – One Piece Chapter 908


Over at Marie Geoise, we observed Shanks access the room with five elders & he was there with a surprisingly unusual request. It appears Shanks requires to talk about a particular pirate. Notwithstanding being a Yonko, the elders have decided a time for him, which surely does show that Shanks is unique. I believe he might even have a Royal Bloodline of a world noble if that’s feasible.

One Piece Manga Chapter 908

Getting over to One Piece manga chapter 908 spoilers, I guess we’ll get to witness who shanks were discussing. I’m really curious to know who it is that Shanks wants to speak to the Elders. Whoever this person is, he’s surely one of the greatest warnings in the story of One Piece. We’ll further see the Marie Geoise discussion begin this time throughout. I’m pretty certain Oda won’t be holding it any further.


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