One Piece Chapter 908 Speculation/Spoilers

In this article, I will be presenting the spoilers of One Piece chapter 908 with you all. As we know the one piece chapters 906 and one piece chapter 907 were completely amazing as the features they exposed were just outstanding. As obvious this article is chock-full of spoilers.

One Piece Chapter 907 Summary:

One Piece Chapter 908


Great chapter last week. A sort of “joint venture” within Big Mom and Kaido appears amazing and one hell of a competition for Luffy and Law’s alliance. I’d wish to see, Luffy draws together the remaining Supernovas up upon the Yonko like an older generation vs. new generation in the New World. I believe the Revolutionary Army will attack the Marines beside Cipher Pol. It’s further likely, that the Shichikubais will no longer be required by the World Government & be reflected fodder.

One Piece Manga Chapter 908 Speculation/Spoilers:

Now, why Shanks has the control to access Marie Geoise?

What was striking in manga chapter 907 was how Shanks got himself into Marie Geoise to speak with five elders who are established superiors even to Admirals. I notice a lot of fans are theorizing about whether Shanks is privately a Celestial Dragon or something although I believe he is just a reasonable and very powerful character who they are ready to hear.

Why Is Shanks At Mary Geoise?


Yonko is an organization allowed by the five elders, for stability maintenance as well as for preventing the following Pirate King, as long as they don’t participate. That’s why Shanks is allowed in the Marie Geoise areas to talk with the Gorosei.

I believe, Shanks wants to speak to five elders about Blackbeard.

Moreover, I’m almost sure that Strawhat pirates won’t be displayed again in One Piece chapter 908 as well. We might further get few more information about Kaido & Big Mom’s alliance in the history and whether or not they were the parts of Rocks.

ROCKS one piece


“Rocks or Locks” must’ve been something similar to a pirate alliance rather than an original crew. Their admiral has been forgotten. Could he be an Impel Down Level 6 prisoner, killed from the system? The escapees of Level 6 were never published to the public. Maybe, not even stated to Marines as well?

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