One Piece Episode 849 Spoilers, Release Date

We have just recently watched the episode 848 of One Piece, however, we have now received spoilers/Leaks on Reddit for One Piece episode 849, with the spoilers indicating that this is going to be a magnificent episode.

One Piece Episode 848 Short Summary
One Piece Episode 849 Spoilers

After Sanji, fortunately, got on Rabiyan, Pudding assists Luffy’s group by checking the tree homies from stopping them any longer. Vinsmoke Sanji, Charlotte Pudding, & Chiffon then leave Whole Cake Island and move to Cacao Island.
leave Whole Cake Island

Tony Tony Chopper and Brook continue battling the Yonko Big Mom Pirates on the Sunny. Perospero walks in and overcomes them, catching them in candy. Shortly later, Luffy’s group approaches the shore.


One Piece Episode 849 Spoilers/Leaks
Perospero One Piece 849

We are in the middle of the Whole Cake Island arc, with Big Mom & her Sweet Commanders striking the Strawhat Pirates. In extension, we are deliberately getting nearer to the action between Sweet Commander Katakuri & Monkey D. Luffy, a battle that could arguably be the story’s most historic yet.
Now, according to the leaks of One Piece episode 849, we are continuing to see further about the Mink that contains one of the late Pirate King’s in Gol D. Roger’s ultimate wishes on his shoulders.
Moreover, this Mink will try to open the way, as Luffy and his crew try to escape the parts of a Yonko that even Pirate King himself withdrew fighting back when he was yet breathing.
As you can notice from the spoilers, this is going to be a rather interesting episode.

One Piece Episode 849 Release Date

The official release date of One Piece Episode 849 is August 12, 2018.

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